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2016 Recipient of the Horatio Alger Award – Kelcy Warrner

From an early age Kelcy Warren was taught that money was to be saved and that if he wanted something, he was going to have to work for it. He started saving when he was a young teen and ended up with enough money to go to college. He had a stable home life that showed him how to be content with life and family.

Kelcy’s father was one of the few who was content with what he had. From a ditch digger to a field clerk, he was able to support his family, which is where Kelcy got his work ethic, while still being able to be very involved with his family. The church figured largely in his life; with the Warren family attending twice on Sundays. Scouting was another faith-based activity that both his parents were involved in. Mom was a Den Leader for the Boy Scouts of America; Dad became his Scout Master. With bedrock like this to stand on it is no wonder that Kelcy Warren had the confidence to go to college and major in engineering.

From small town to big city, Kelcy Warren was free to make the mistakes that more than just a few freshmen seem to make on their first venture away from home.

After failing his first year, Kelcy returned the following year and proceeded to apply for and receive a research scholarship winning the top award for his “Methane Gas Production” project. Earning his degree in Civil Engineering was just the beginning for him.

From Endevco to Energy Transfer, Kelcy has enjoyed success that has its roots in the work ethic that his parents instilled in him. However, if asked, Kelcy will say that he thinks success is always a point on the horizon. Something to strive for but never quite capture. As the 2016 recipient of the Horatio Alger Award Kelcy is turning his attention to the scholarship programs. As he was aided in his educational endeavors by a scholarship from the National Science Foundation, Kelcy Warren has a keen interest in seeing that other students get a chance at a good education.

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