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About Jonas Lauren Norr Co-Founder, Managing Partner Crypto Lotus

Jonas Lauren Norr is a co-founder, and managing partner of Crypto Lotus. He is an experienced digital marketing strategist focusing on growth hacking, influencer marketing, and social media. Crypto Lotus is a hedge fund in the San Francisco bay area revolving around cryptos. Crypto uses four technologies for its website: Google Apps for Business, Squarespace Hosted, and Namecheap DNS Services. In 2017 Jonas Lauren Norr partnered with the founder of Crypto Lotus, Denis Laurine, to start their venture in the crypto sphere. To date, Crypto Lotus has an office space on Market Street in San Francisco and regularly attends blockchain events, including The North American Bitcoin Conference. His dedication has been noted by Forbes, which voted him #3 on their 2018 “30 Under 30 Blockchain” list.

Jonas Lauren Norr’s career on Crypto Lotus has exposed him to many facets of the blockchain ecosystem and has allowed him to stay ahead of the curve. His experience with Bitcoin and Ethereum brought him to the forefront of the industry, pushing him to be interviewed by CNN Business. Jonas Lauren Norr co-founded Crypto Lotus with Denis Laurine in 2017 after forming an instant connection with Laurine through a shared love for crypto. The two met in May 2017 and spent hours over Skype discussing crypto while working full-time jobs simultaneously. They realized that blockchain technology would be a game changer and wanted to be a part of it. After exploring the crypto space together, they quickly concluded: few solutions were available for crypto investors’ most significant challenges. Their goal at Crypto Lotus is to build solutions and products that solve real users’ needs within the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

In addition to being a co-founder, Jonas Lauren Norr is also an active member of Crypto Lotus. He has been known to be involved in marketing both Crypto Lotus and its products through his various social media platforms. Jonas has been featured in Forbes and The Blockchain Times. He is an active member of the San Francisco Bitcoin community, regularly attending events and helping promote the Crypto Lotus brand. He is also an advisor to other blockchain companies and is involved in venture capital financing. He is a YouTube influencer and has a channel called Your Coin Geek Show. His channel helps educate people about the cryptocurrency space.

Jonas’s true passion is to help other blockchain companies grow their operations through his training and business services. He was a former volunteer for the World Blockchain Forum and a student at Crypto Invest Summit Los Angeles 2018, where he had the opportunity to speak with Craig Cobb of Cobinhood and Daniel Cawrey of The Daily Decrypt. His role in the industry is to educate and help entrepreneurs build their businesses. He is passionate about sharing his knowledge with others; the best way to do that is through training. His inspiration behind Crypto Lotus was to create a company that helps charities, non-profits, startups, and individuals find the best solutions to their problems in the crypto and blockchain space.

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