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Alejandro Pena: Chief Executive Officer of Keter

The past three years have seen tremendous effort being put in by major companies and organizations toward resolving matters of ecological conservation, social betterment, and corporate governance. With the emerging regulations, prevailing attitudes about public welfare, and deep-seated ecological questions taking center stage, the implications of these issues are far-reaching and noteworthy. Therefore, businesses should pay close heed here.

For Keter, a leading manufacturer of resin-structured domestic and garden articles started in Israel, ESG undertakings are more than just an everyday thing to be “handled” to implement commerce like before. Keter’s CEO, Alejandro Pena, has made ESG endeavors a keystone of what the company seeks to realize from an economic angle and how it desires to function within the larger global atmosphere.

Most entities are at the outset of their expedition regarding perceiving ESG and using it to influence their organization. They are only now beginning to comprehend what ESG signifies, how it can and will shape their organizations in the future, and how those standards will sway the areas they work within and the opinions of their patrons.

Alejandro Pena, Chief Executive Officer of Keter, stated, “Upon my ascension to head of the firm, it was clear to me that we were not exclusive in our attention to meeting the objectives of our shareholders but rather had responsibilities towards multiple factions and multifarious aspirations. In addition to providing results for our patrons, we bear obligations enclosing where we are established and the planet at large, which is home to us all.”

While certain parties may look upon efforts to improve ESG practices with disfavor, beholding them as a hindrance to their business model, such as in the state of Florida, Pena and Keter perceive ESG initiatives as an opportunity to stand out from the competition and integrate themselves into the communities.

Alejandro Pena declared, “One of our main objectives is not only to be a business propelled by creativity and an influential company in our field but also to maintain the values of being kind to the environment and being beneficial to our neighborhoods. Not solely because it’s the suitable activity, but also because I accept that it will be an asset over the long haul.”