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Alejandro Pena Keter CEO Discusses The Importance of Community

Alejandro Pena Keter is the CEO of WordImpact, a company that helps individuals and organizations communicate their stories beautifully. Alejandro Pena Keter is an expert in personal branding, public speaking, and community building.

The Importance of Community

  1. Community is a social phenomenon caused by the interaction of many individuals who share some aspect of their lives regardless of their beliefs. Modern-day technology allows us to communicate with other private citizens who live hundreds or thousands of miles away. Still, aside from the Internet, we need an efficient way to keep in touch with our communities.
  2. Recently, technology has made it possible for more people to meet and interact all over the globe. We live in a world where we can connect with other communities easily, yet community building remains an art. Many people need help knowing where to start or how to bring people together.
  3. Build Your Audience – You must first build an audience to develop a community. To build a strong community, you must understand that it does not happen overnight. Social media communities like LinkedIn and Facebook are great ways to reach your audience. Be sure to promote your organization on these sites and attend other events where you can meet new people interested in your work or industry.
  4. Engage and Interact – One of the keys to developing a strong community is to create an environment where different people can contribute to the community. Engaging with your audience allows you to foster a vibrant environment where people can connect and interact.

Before launching WordImpact, Alejandro Pena Keter led the digital marketing division of a global advertising agency, working with brands such as the Olympics Committee, Hyundai, and Mitsubishi Motors Day. Previously, he was Director of Communications at the University of California San Diego, leading student engagement initiatives for higher education professionals and their families. He has also worked for Johnson & Johnson in China as Creative Director at J&J Global Services for three years.