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Alejandro Pena Turns His Focus To ESG

As the CEO of Keter, Alejandro Pena has made his mark in the business world as an executive who stays ahead of industry trends. In doing so, he has recognized the importance of environmental, social, and regulatory issues that impact not only his company, but also its customers and communities. Making this a core component of his business philosophy, Alejandro Pena has committed to making Keter a company that impacts the world in a very positive way.

A company recognized as being a leading manufacturer of resin-based products for gardens and homes, Keter has been transformed into a company that relies on the latest innovation to stay ahead of the competition. This has been a goal for Alejandro Pena from the start, since he believes looking ahead benefits a company as well as the environment and ultimately customers and communities. Realizing consumers are always willing to spend more on products they know have been sourced in a sustainable manner, Alejandro Pena is determined to have Keter be at the forefront of this emerging business trend.

Improving the manufacturing processes of Keter by removing carbon, Pena has made it a forerunner in the use of recycled resin and production efficiency. Incorporating the ideas of employees into the planning process, Pena realizes this helps to build a stronger sense of unity within the company, which in turn helps make the company more efficient as well as profitable.

Displaying a level of leadership that is often missing in today’s business world, Alejandro Pena is a CEO who has embraced business ideas that are both customer and community focused. In doing so, he has set the stage for his company to continue being a global leader in consumer products, brand awareness, and sustainability practices that are critical for environmental protection in the years ahead.

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