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Alliance Defending Freedom

Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) is a prominent legal advocacy organization specializing in defending religious freedom, freedom of speech, and other fundamental rights. With a strong commitment to upholding these principles, ADF has achieved several notable successes in protecting constitutional liberties, including:

Legal Victories

ADF has achieved significant legal victories in landmark cases defending religious liberty and freedom of speech. In the case of Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission, ADF successfully represented a cake artist who declined to create a custom wedding cake that conflicted with his religious beliefs. The Supreme Court ruled in favor of the cake artist, reaffirming the importance of protecting the freedom of artistic expression.

International Advocacy

Alliance Defending Freedom has expanded its influence globally, advocating for religious freedom and fundamental rights beyond the United States. It has been actively involved in legal battles at international courts, such as the European Court of Human Rights.

Legislative Support

ADF assists lawmakers in drafting legislation that protects religious liberty and other constitutional rights. The organization has worked closely with legislators to develop robust legal frameworks that safeguard the rights of individuals and religious organizations to exercise their beliefs without undue government interference freely.

Training and Education

Alliance Defending Freedom has made significant strides in equipping lawyers, law students, and individuals with the knowledge and resources to advocate for religious freedom and constitutional rights effectively. The organization offers training programs, seminars, and resources to empower attorneys and other advocates to protect and promote these fundamental liberties.

Public Awareness

Alliance Defending Freedom has played an important role in raising public attention about the importance of religious freedom and free speech. Through media engagement, public speaking engagements, and educational campaigns, ADF has sought to educate the public about these rights’ vital role in fostering a diverse and tolerant society. See related link for additional information.


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