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Alliance Defending Freedom Covers All the Bases

The Alliance Defending Freedom is a legal organization that was formed by Christian leaders in 1994. Its purpose is to protect the religious freedoms of all Americans. The Alliance is also active around the world. Issues such as the sanctity of life and the protection of marriage are also covered.

The ADF has always been committed to the essential principle that religious freedom is meant for everyone. This is one of the freedoms that was guaranteed to us under the terms of the Constitution. It is a liberty that must be extended to individuals all across the country and the world. This includes those of every faith and even little or no faith.

Another issue that has the full backing of the Alliance Defending Freedom is free speech. ADF also created the Center For Life, which combats abortion and defends the sanctity of life. This is a liberty that is all too often curtailed when people disagree with each other. The Alliance has been formed in order to make sure that colleges, universities, and other educational institutions continue to respect this basic right.

Our goal is to ensure that these areas retain their basic character as a series of marketplaces of ideas. They should be places where students of all faiths and ethnic backgrounds are able to free to express their views. This is the only type of safe environment in which they can adequately debate and resolve these important issues.

The sanctity of human life is another issue that the Alliance Defending Freedom has been formed in order to uphold. We are currently engaged in a battle to make sure that laws and courts perform their sacred duty to protect this basic right.

The ADF exists to defend the religious and free speech rights of Americans. This includes the rights of women and children as well as members of many different religious groups. Follow this page on Twitter, to learn more.


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