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Alliance Defending Freedom Defends People’s God Given Rights

Strong Christian leaders who knew people’s voices had a right to be heard launched Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) back in 1994 as Alliance Defense Fund. Since it was launched, Alliance has continued to grow and support it’s local communities. Alliance Defending Freedom believes strongly in protecting people’s rights to the freedom of speech. In addition to the freedom of speech, Alliance also believes in fighting for the rights of religious freedom, parental rights and God’s presence in the family.

Alliance Defending Freedom recently filed a law suit against a popular yet controversial Virginia school board. The school board was pushing the critical race theory (CRT) agenda on the students within the school. During board meetings, board members were taking away the parents’ rights to freely speak and they were having them thrown out of the meetings. The school board took it upon themselves to take fact based education out of the system and try to impose liberal and racist critical race theory into all aspects of education. ADF recognized the need to have the parents’ voices and their freedom of parenting to be protected.

Alliance Defending Freedom has also been at the forefront of over 74 Supreme Court rulings since 2011. These victories were in the favor of prolife advocates, pastors, family owned businesses, college students, religious organizations such as churches and children’s rights. ADF advocates for people’s rights to live as well. While families typically have their loved ones in their best interests, not everyone agrees on what those interests would be when someone finds themselves on life support.

There was a case in Arizona where a doting wife decided to have her husband removed from life support after five short days. His sister felt as though that was not enough time and that he might wake up from his coma. His sister fought for his right to live and ADF came forward to help with this basic human right.

Miraculously, the man woke from his coma and was able to walk on his own two feet out of the rehabilitation clinic within a short 5 months’ time. ADF believes in supporting basic human rights and will continue to represent and fight for everyone who is being denied their God given rights. See this article to learn more.


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