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An Organization Dedicated to Changing Lives

RAINN (Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network) is a nonprofit organization that aims to prevent sexual violence and support those sexually assaulted. The country’s leading anti-sexual violence group was established in 1994 and was created by Rainn President. RAINN seeks to raise awareness of sexual violence in the community and assists victims of sexual assault and those who care for them.

The lives of people impacted by sexual assault have greatly benefited through RAINN. The National Sexual Assault Hotline was established and is run by RAINN. Since its doors opened in 1994, it has helped more than four million victims. The hotline offers services to survivors via the phone and in person, and it is completely confidential. To ensure that survivors get the assistance they need, RAINN offers thorough training and resources to several federal, state, and municipal agencies.

A resource manual for LGBTQ sexual assault survivors has also been made available by RAINN. They have emphasized the difficulties that LGBTQ survivors experience, such as the rise in stigma and prejudice, and offered resources and advice on receiving assistance. RAINN further supports non-military sexual assault care providers that assist care members who have experienced sexual assault. They offer a module designed exclusively for civilian service providers that want to help people transition out of the military.

In addition to their work educating survivors and those who support them and providing them with tools and services, RAINN is dedicated to assisting in the legal prosecution of criminals. Harvey Weinstein was recently convicted guilty of two counts of sexual assault, and RAINN just stated support of the decision. RAINN acknowledged the enormous fortitude required for the many sexual assault survivors to come forward and provide testimony in the statement, “Today, we recognize the tremendous courage it took for the survivors to come forward and testify.” It is a positive first step in ensuring that sexual assault survivors get the justice they are due.

After experiencing trauma, RAINN has given millions of individuals hope. RAINN aims to end sexual assault by transforming lives through education, resources, and support. To stop sexual assault and make sure that survivors may get justice and assistance, the organization’s advocacy has been a crucial factor.