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An Overview Of Zaxby’s Operation, Growth And Rewards Program

Zaxby’s is a highly-recognized quick-service restaurant in the United States that majors in chicken meals, including sandwiches, chicken fingers, salads, and chicken wings. Founded in August 1990, the restaurant is headquartered in Athens, Georgia, but its exponential growth has seen it expand to over 900 locations.

Like any other restaurant, Zaxby’s has a website for clients to order online or check the menu before walking in. As one of their changes, the restaurant updated its app in 2022.

According to QSR, these changes have played a major role in the growth and recognition of the restaurant. They conducted a survey at the end of 2022, using data collected from January to November 2022.

This was to determine which restaurants experienced the most growth and increased engagement through their app. They compared how much the average user session numbers for every monthly active user grew.

They decided to compare this using engagement because app users are among the most loyal customers for most restaurants because they order more and leave reviews.

Their data showed that Zaxby’s had the fastest growth in the year, with 317% growth. Other fast-growing restaurants included Jersey Mike’s, experiencing 176% growth, and CAVA, experiencing 130% growth.

According to their data, Zaxby’s received such a huge percentage mainly because of their loyalty program, Zax Rewardz. To encourage people to join the point-based loyalty program, the restaurant offered their most popular dish, Big Zax Snack, to every client who installed their new app or updated the old one.

The restaurant’s management said they launched their program to help clients get the best out of their menu, as other restaurants have been cutting back on their rewards. They also said they made it easy to use and suitable for every user, regardless of their technology understanding.

The program rewards clients with ten points for a dollar spent on the app, drive-thru, or in the restaurant. Clients can then redeem their points for rewards from the flavor bank. See this page for additional information.


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