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Ascending Up and Ahead: Stephen Bittel's Terranova Unveils Headquarters of Almost Twenty Years in Personal Milestone Contract.

Terranova Corporation is abandoning its base camp for almost two decades in one of the greatest monetary transactions on 41st Street in Miami Beach. Since 2002 the real estate organization has established itself at 801 Arthur Godfrey Road, situated on the major Mid-Beach road that connects Miami Beach to the landmass via the Julia Tuttle Causeway. Initially obtained by Terranova for $4.3 million, the land on which the nearly 52,000-square-foot building stands was sold to Miami-based Fifteen Group for $22 million, who intend to renovate the building, and rent it out to family offices, wealth management, and financial companies.

Stephen Bittel, CEO of Terranova, is excited about this move’s possibilities. “This was”a great opportunity for us to upgrade our facilities and better serve our clients,” he said” With the move to a larger space in a more central location, Bittel hopes that TerraNova will be able to expand its reach and provide the best services possible.

The new headquarters is located at 545 Fifth Street, Miami Beach, and will feature modern amenities such as an indoor/outdoor pool, fitness center, and conference center. The building also provides views of downtown Miami and Biscayne Bay from the top floor. In addition to these features, TerraN ova will also benefit from being in a more centralized location, allowing them to serve their customers better.

Bittel is confident that this move will benefit Terranova and its customers. This move is an exciting step forward for TerraNova as they strive to serve their customers better and grow their business. TerraNova will see many positive changes with a new headquarters in a more convenient location.

The new headquarters is expected to be completed within the next few months, and TerraNova will begin operations shortly after that. With the move to a more centralized location and modern amenities, Bittel believes that this move will benefit both the company and its customers. The relocation of TerranovaTerranova’sters is an exciting opportunity for the company and its clients. The new space offers modern amenities, stunning views of downtown Miami, and a more centralized location.