CEO, Founder

Bhanu Choudhrie – The Leader of the Alpha Aviation Group

Bhanu Choudhrie is a reputable businessman. Discover how he climbed the ladder of success and paved his way down a path of greatness.

The Rise to Power

Choudhrie was born in New Delhi in 1978. He stayed in New Deli until he enrolled at Boston University in 2000 in the UK.

After Choudhrie graduated, he made big moves fairly quickly. In 2006, he launched the Alpha Aviation Group, which focused on the fundamentals of flying. The team trained pilots who worked for regional airlines.

Notable Business Ventures

Choudhrie also gives back to local communities. A year after the Alpha Aviation Group launched, he became the director of the Path to Success. The Path of Success is a charity for disabled athletes. Some of these athletes participated in the Tokyo Olympics. Bhanu has a strong connection to the Path of Success because his wife founded it.

Worthy Business Strategies

Until 2018, Bhanu Choudhrie worked at the Atlantic Coastal Financial Corporation. He served as the director of the company.

Choudhrie is also a team player. He founded Megalith Company Management with a strategic business partner.

Bhanu Choudhrie – The Man Behind the Businessman

Bhanu Choudhrie owns a luxury house in London. He shares the home with his son and wife. When Choudhrie is not running his business, he works as a political supporter in the United Kingdom.

Choudhrie also makes moves in the fashion world. He has connections with Tamara Ralph the fashion designer, and he funded the Ralph & Russo fashion house with a business partner.

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