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Bryan Legend On The Evolution Of The DeFi Space

Australian entrepreneur Bryan Legend has become known as one of the most innovative and prominent figures in the crypto space. A thought disrupter and leader, he has achieved all his success within a few years because of his ability to push boundaries of what people think is possible.

He has demonstrated his superiority in the sector by developing successful ventures like Safuu, XOOXY Labs, and Vulcan Blockchain. These are decentralized finance solutions dedicated to changing the finance world. His work has significantly shaped the DeFi world, making it more reliable, trusted, and accessible.

According to Bryan Legend, blockchain and cryptography have a bright future, but 99% of the current crypto projects will not be there in the future. That is because he says they are not appropriately geared in a decentralized manner.

Born in Brisbane, Australia, Legend has over ten years of experience in the crypto industry. Combined with his impressive sales background, it has made him a force in the industry.

Today’s DeFi industry focuses on revolutionizing the traditional finance world by offering decentralized ways of accessing financial services and products. It allows people to access more investment opportunities without depending on regulated, centralized financial institutions, plus all the oversight and rules accompanying them.

Bryan Legend has built his career and reputation on the principle that innovation is essential for success. He says the DeFi sector is quickly changing to become more passive income-oriented, and efficient. Investors are also looking for proper protocols with reliable revenue-sharing strategies.

According to Legend, this new wave will be ushered in by Blockchain Automatic Revenue Sharing (BARS). He has used this phrase to describe Vulcan Blockchain severally and says it is the first global platform to implement the new approach. He also believes that it will fill many gaps in the market, assuring investors in Australia and globally of more security, independence, and confidence. Bryan Legend’s: Youtube.