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Chad Price Mako Medical is an Established Startup

The idea of starting a lab came to Chad Price after he spent innumerable hours in medical offices waiting for test results for his special-needs sister. What’s even more amazing, Price had no medical or lab experience. In 2014, Mako Medical Laboratories LLC was started. Price and his sister had been facing plenty of challenges, and Chad Price Mako Medical was going to fix all these.

Josh Arant, COO at Mako Medical, recalls that Price and his sister had to put up with slow turnaround times, poor customer service, and a lack of pricing transparency. The two, therefore, carried out market research, and what they discovered astonished them. They realized that people did not have a connection to the laboratory. And this is what motivated them to come up with Mako Medical.

Both Price and Arant are men of faith. They believe they will be successful as long as their vision, mission, and focus are about making an impact across the globe. Another thing that the two appreciate is that they did not know what they were getting into. According to Arant, if you do not know all the barriers and pitfalls of starting something, you are likely to look past them.

Thanks to their effort, Chad Price Mako Medical is an established startup today. It has been experiencing lucrative growth since it was founded in 2014. In 2017, the startup raked in $92 million. And in 2018 alone, it fetched $125 million in revenue. According to Price, thousands prefer Mako Medical because its talented team makes it easy.

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