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Colcom Foundation Believes That Humans Are Causing Their Extinction

Cordelia S. May founded the Colcom Foundation in 1996. She was 68 years old at the time. However, from an early age, she realized that our pure existence relies on the balance between nature and its species. One way to maintain the balance is to control the population growth. May’s stance on family planning was often viewed in a negative light. However, she had the foresight to understand the effects a population explosion would have on the planet.

Before her death, May made sure that her work would not end. She made sure that the Colcom Foundation was funded. The Colcom Foundation’s goal is to support efforts to stop or at least slow down the Sixth Mass Extinction crisis. The Sixth Mass Extinction refers to how humans are depleting the Earth’s resources, making it hard for other species to thrive and survive.

According to the foundation, the cause of the Sixth Mass Extinction is the human population explosion. In 1800, under a billion people were walking the Earth. Now, over eight billion people are living on the planet. The Colcom Foundation believes the only way to stop the extinction is for humans to do their part. The foundation is calling on all countries to do their part to develop an ethical policy to reduce population growth. The way to do this is to make ethical immigration and family planning policies, according to the foundation.

It does not expect nations to do all the work themselves. Colcom Foundation support national organizations that understand the impact humans have on the environment. Some organizations receiving support include the Center for Immigration, Numbers USA, Federation for American Reform, and Population Media Center. They support environmental and community projects happening in their home state of Pennsylvania.

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