Dean Omar Specializes in Many Areas of Personal Impact


The law firm of Dean Omar (DOB+S) is 100% dedicated to victims of injustice. They aggressively pursue due compensation in cases of mesothelioma (because of exposure from asbestos), product liability, catastrophic injury, unpaid wages, class action lawsuits and shareholder liability. 

The law firm of Dean Omar

DOB+S comprises 6 law partners and a team of 15 attorneys along with 3 legal counsel members. A staff of over 18 legal professionals supports them.

The benefits of working with DOB+S’s expert law firm is that your case will be promptly handled. They have the resources and expertise to provide personal and compassionate attention to your case. The Law Offices of DOB+S has a reputation of standing shoulder to shoulder with their clients and expertly guiding them through difficult legal hurdles. They hold corporations accountable for the damages that cause harm to people. 

In 2021 alone, the firm won verdicts for their clients, which exceeded $134,000,000. 

A Team with a Heart

The law firm of Dean Omar realizes that choosing a legal professional is a major step. They warmly welcome you to drop by and meet the team for a free consultation. The legal process may seem daunting, unsurmountable and even frightening. The firm has their client’s best interest at heart. They are deeply involved with the intricacies of each case and practice open communication with the clients regarding the details of their legal proceedings. 

The Law Offices of DOB+S believes in leaning a helping hand to up-and-coming lawyers. They have established a foundation that provides generous scholarships to DISD students. Everyone is entitled to be afforded constitutional rights. The DOB+S Law Foundation Access to Justice Grants is a fund set aside for lawyers and non-profit organizations that have demonstrated their devotion to the quest for justice.