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Diogo Corona Is A Man Who Likes To Follow A Set Routine In Order To Run An Efficient Life

Diogo Corona is the chief operating officer of Smart Fit, which is an extremely successful network of gyms in Latin America. He earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration earlier in his life and has been able to use his knowledge of finance to help him in business as well. Before working in his current position, he served with Itaú Unibanco as an analyst but has now been working with Smart Fit since the later part of the 2010s.

Diogo Corona is involved in the operations of his company in many different parts of tbe world including Columbia, Chile, and Brazil. He is hoping to be able to share his vision where he mixes traditional physical activity with technology to offer new ways of approaching fitness.

His company allows people to work with personal coaches that put together holistic workout regimens while also using creative platforms. This allows them to pursue their fitness goals while also having a clear vision of the progress they have made.

Diogo Corona knew that Smart Fit would be a hit when he was able to see that the world needed something different. He noticed there were certain gym aggregators in business but knew he could create something unique that operated in a new way. Instead of bringing together various gym networks, he decided to help build TotalPass and officially become the lead man on the project in 2019.

Diogo Corona likes to maintain a specific routine during most of his days. He enjoys working out earlier in the day at one of his own brand’s studios and then walks home where he showers before heading out to work. He recently admitted that he is in the office every day and that he can usually be found in a meeting unless it is in the afternoon on a Friday. Refer to this page for additional information.