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Don Lindsay and Teck Resources on sustainable mining

Don Lindsay has been a driving force behind Teck Resources’ success as one of Canada’s largest diversified resource companies. Under his leadership, Teck has positioned itself as a global leader in producing copper while embracing a sustainability commitment. In this article, we will explore how Lindsay’s copper growth strategy has guided Teck’s development of its Quebrada Blanca Phase 2 (QB2) project, which includes innovative initiatives such as using desalinated seawater for mining processes and the potential for a Phase 3 expansion.

The QB2 project in northern Chile is a significant investment for Teck in the copper market. Once completed, the project is expected to produce an average of 316,000 tonnes of copper per year over its first five years of operation and significant amounts of molybdenum and silver. The project is expected to have a mine life of approximately 28 years, making it a critical component of Teck’s long-term growth strategy.

One of the innovative initiatives Teck is implementing at QB2 is the use of desalinated seawater for mining processes. Using seawater, Teck can reduce its reliance on freshwater sources and avoid putting additional strain on scarce water resources in the region. The desalination plant will be built and operated by a third party, and water will be transported to the mine site through a dedicated pipeline. Using desalinated seawater is not only a sustainable choice but also makes economic sense, as the cost of freshwater in the region has been increasing in recent years.

Lindsay has spoken about the importance of sustainability in Teck’s operations. Lindsay stated recognized that they have a responsibility to minimize their environmental impact and be good stewards of the resources they use. Using desalinated seawater at QB2 is just one example of Teck’s commitment to sustainability and demonstrates the company’s willingness to explore innovative solutions to complex challenges.

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