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Don Manifold; Equity &Advisory Director in South Australian

Don Manifold, the director of Equity and Advisory, is a South Australian leading advisory corporate who also managed the EY for South Australia and the Northern Territory. His career began in Adelaide, and he later worked in London, Melbourne, and Sydney after deciding to settle in Adelaide. He is married to Rachel, who is a skin specialist, and they have three children. Don enjoys spending most time cycling, with the family, and running.

Equity &Advisory is a firm of advisors that assists families and private businesses with capital raising. Their leaders are committed to achieving the best for their clients. Don Manifold grew up in Mount Gambier before attending university in Adelaide, South Australia. Equity& Advisory he joined in 2018 to start the advisory corporate, which has grown tenfold over the last four years he entered.

He stated that the best skills that he advises people to have to be successful entrepreneurs are to be persistent in the business sector, to have more excellent skills in the field, and to understand the history of cash flow. For the company’s growth, he says he would like to change the organic advantage that has been so significant in the market of South Australia. They plan to expand their business into other Australian states in the coming years.

Don Manifold claims that the pandemic temporarily halted their operations but that they have since recovered and achieved tremendous success in revenue recording. To differentiate themselves from their competitors, they have skilled and experienced leaders in corporate advisory and the best and most experienced people in the business sector.

The step he took that was so crucial in having the best form of marketing that was so successful was directly sharing ideas with the clients on how to create wealth and how to protect it.

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