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Don Manifold’s Business Career Started

From Mount Gambier, South Australia Don Manifold graduated from the Flinders University Business School. Don commenced his career in the corporate advisory sector with a major Australian law firm. After two years advising mining companies, he joined Macquarie Bank as a Corporate Finance Manager, responsible for equity raisings and takeovers. Don has been the Joint Managing Director of Equity & Advisory for over 20 years.

After graduating from university, Don Manifold worked for E&A as an accountant and moved into an advisory role before heading up this iconic in Adelaide South Australian corporate advisory firm. In addition, Don is a leading South Australian wine authority, a vital member of the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, and a keen sailor, both in Hobart and Sydney. He also has a strong interest in his family history.

Don Manifold’s business career started at E&A in 1980, and after five years, he became an accountant. He moved into the business’s advisory side but kept his financial skills sharp by working part-time at KPMG. His experience in corporate finance and accounting has enabled Don to build E&A from a medium-sized firm to one of the country’s largest and most successful corporate advisory firms. Don Manifold has been instrumental in developing the full suite of services offered by E&A and in gaining recognition for the head office and its 18 branch offices. This includes advisory services, corporate finance, structured products, compliance, and business opportunity development.

Don is an experienced advisor in mergers, acquisitions, and divestments. He has specialized in advising private and public clients on corporate changeover, including mergers and acquisitions, restructures, and divestitures. In 1988 he successfully urged the Government of South Australia the privatization of the State’s Power & Water utility.

In his role as Managing Director of Equity & Advisory, Don is responsible for managing the firm’s operational strategy and overseeing the overall performance of all staff. Don also serves as an Australian Corporate Governance Council (ACGC) member and has worked closely with that organization in drafting its corporate governance code.

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