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Edgard Corona: A Journey of Entrepreneurship and Fitness

Meet Edgard Corona, the trailblazing entrepreneur who founded Smart Fit and transformed the fitness industry in Latin America. As the CEO of Smart Fit, he has established a chain of gyms and training studios that have redefined fitness as a lifestyle for millions. Prior to Corona’s entry, gym attendance was relatively uncommon, but his revolutionary approach changed that perception, proving that fitness goals could be achieved without hours of exhausting workouts.

Corona’s entrepreneurial journey began with his pursuit of a degree in Chemical Engineering, a field that delves into transforming substances under specific conditions. As a young adult, his passion for entrepreneurship led him to the fashion industry, where he learned the art of meeting customer demands efficiently. However, a life-changing skiing accident in the 90s set him on a new path.

During his extensive physiotherapy sessions, a vision took shape—to create a better and more inclusive gym experience. In 1996, Bio Ritmo Academy emerged as a hub for athletes to explore techniques that could propel them to new heights.

Throughout his endeavors, Edgard Corona placed utmost importance on providing an exceptional customer experience to all club members. This customer-centric mindset paved the way for the birth of Smart Fit in 2008—a testament to his commitment to making fitness accessible to all, regardless of their income levels.

Corona’s expertise in the industry evolved over the course of three decades, with a focus on refining his business model. He was resolute in making adjustments that optimized resources while delivering more value to customers. This streamlined management approach not only bolstered the company’s financials but also facilitated expansion to new locations.

In navigating complex challenges, Corona sought counsel from industry peers to gain diverse insights. This combination of unwavering determination, strong leadership, and humility has driven unprecedented growth, positioning Smart Fit as a prominent fitness leader in Latin America and the fourth-largest worldwide.