Edgard Corona, Founder

Edgard Corona Worked Hard to Stay One Step Ahead of The Competition

Edgard Corona, the CEO, and owner of Smart Fit, participated in a podcast called Like a Boss on March 28, 2018, which focuses on the entrepreneurial experiences of successful people. The CEO discussed what it takes to make an idea successful in it. He had to overcome several obstacles to succeed as the head of one of Brazil’s biggest chains of fitness centers.

He thinks back on his previous endeavors, which include running a clothing business, a lab, and working at the family sugar mill. Following a skiing mishap that necessitated physical therapy, Corona saw the possibilities in the fitness sector, particularly during economic success.

The businessman knew from his prior endeavors, particularly about the difficulties of beginning a new company. Edgard Corona understood that business operates in a single direction but not in a straight line. Few people went to the gym, so he wanted to develop a strategy that would both encourage new behavior and help his target audience develop trust in the Smart Fit brand. At this time, he was well known for asking people for guidance and learning from their experiences to understand how to advertise his institution.

He would discover that he had something to offer those with little time for exercise. He showed his audience that you don’t need to put in hours each day to have the body you want by creating a fresh regimen. Edgard Corona worked hard to stay one step ahead of the competition as the business expanded. He has maintained his position in a highly competitive field by going to conferences and growing his services.

The country’s exercise habits have changed with Smart Fit, causing the fitness industry to change. It utilizes cutting-edge technology, adhering to an unbreakable and scalable business strategy and providing top-notch services. Refer to this page for additional information.