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 Ethereum competition- TRON Ecosystem according to Justin Sun

TRON founder Justin Sun was in Busan, South Korea for the Upbit Developer Conference (UDC). Through a video connection, Justin Sun gave a keynote address titled “TRON Leads the Way to Web 3.0.” The TRON ecosystem aspires to be successful in a variety of areas, including community, technology, and asset liquidity.

According to Justin Sun, Web 3.0 can improve the industry’s transparency, decentralization, scalability, and support for charitable causes. The future is going to be defined by digitizing. Over the past ten years, the size of virtual assets has grown dramatically, and this fast increase will not stop, according to him.

Every year, 50 million new accounts are being created to TRON, according to Justin Sun. According to that growth pace, it is anticipated that TRON’s user base will be on par with Ethereum’s by the end of the following year. Sun also discussed TRON’s aggressive initiatives and commercial developments in the quickly expanding Web 3.0.

The first blockchain conference in Korea with a developer-centric focus is called the United Developers Conference (UDC). The UDC hosted its fifth annual BPEX on September 22–23, 2022, after debuting it in 2018. The event’s topic this year, “Imagine Your Blockchain Life,” drew a large number of influential business people to debate cutting-edge innovations and current trends.

Among the biggest blockchain-based operating systems for decentralized apps is TRON’s MainNet. TRON features a solid ecosystem that includes an underpinning protocol, smart contracts, NFT, and a metadata storage system. Many people wonder if this portends TRON’s entry into the South Korean market.

At the NFT BUSAN 2021 conference, TRON was present. The goal of APENFT is to create NFTs on the blockchain from the greatest works of art in the world. TRON gave the Busan Blockchain Industry Association a donation of $200,000. The Metropolitan’s mascot, a cartoon seagull, appeared on Budlers NFT tokens.

Upon this network, the TRON network has over 112 million total user accounts, over 3.8 billion transactions, and over $13.2 billion in locked value (TVL). One of most latest iteration on the TRON blockchain was the over-collateralized decentralized stablecoin USDD, which was supported by TRON DAO Reserve, the first crypto reserve ever created for the blockchain sector.