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Expanding Financial Knowledge Across the Globe With Raffaele Riva

Being successful in business is a challenge, but Raffaele Riva tackles it with intelligence, empathy and drive. He’s an experienced businessman who works on an international platform. Learn how he’s expanding the financial world with education and smart partnerships.

Focusing on Education

Riva understood that education was the key to achieving his goals. He began by earning an economics degree and moved on to accounting certification. Additionally, he completed two post-graduate programs to enhance his business sense.

Because Raffaele Riva wanted to work across all of Europe, he’s ingratiated himself with several countries. Riva is a dual citizen of Italy and Switzerland, and he speaks three languages. With education and mental drive, Riva has the tools to move ahead in the financial world.

Building His Resume

Raffaele Riva worked his way through the corporate world to where he is today. For more than a decade, he built his resume with several management, executive and auditing positions. Working in the accounting and auditing sectors taught Riva about real-world economics at the core level. As he moved up the corporate ladder, he was able to apply these concepts to complex operations. His experience taught him how to maneuver in unusual scenarios, which lead to stable transactions in the financial world.

Improving Financial Horizons

With the founding of his new company called AUREA Multi-Family Office, Riva can now service more clients than ever before. He offers a unique perspective on financial products today. He stresses knowledge regarding transactions and long-term investments. When clients understand the steps to retirement or everyday investments, they can add even more assets to their portfolios. Riva builds trust by teaching clients about his methods.

Raffaele Riva and AUREA continue with successes throughout the globe. Under his direction, AUREA provides personalized services to organizations and individuals too. The coming years appear lucrative for this hard-working individual.

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