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Gino Pozzo

As the most widely-known owner of a football club in England, Gino Pozzo has been well known to the world. He has been managing and running the club since 1985. In November 2016, he bought up Granada CF which made him one of the most prominent people in Spanish football history. Some of his other businesses include others such as clothing company Tod’s, watch company TAG Heuer, and cereal giant Cereal Partners Worldwide.

Gino Pozzo was born in January 1923 in Turin Italy. He became interested in football at a very young age and was captivated by watching the game on the radio. He enjoyed watching his hometown Turin club Juventus FC and admired their style of play. In 1944, Gino was drafted into the Italian army and served for three years. After being discharged from service, he enrolled in banking school but left after only two years. In 1949, Gino Pozzo found employment at the Banca d’Italia and became head of the bank’s South American department. In 1963, he left banking and entered the field of investments. “Banco Popolare di Vicenza” had just been established as a new bank and Gino worked his way up to director. He was then elected president officer in 1974.

In 1985, Gino Pozzo found himself a new job: managing Watford Football Club, who were struggling financially at the time. Watford were also in the midst of a relegation battle. Gino’s first move was to cut costs which included the sale of their star striker Luther Blissett. Soon after, Watford were promoted to the First Division and they found themselves in the FA Cup final against Everton in 1988.

However, Watford lost 3-2 and Pozzo’s team slipped into a hole they would never climb out of again. The team struggled badly the following year and Pozzo was forced to sell his star player, Glenn Hoddle. He then moved on to Manchester United where he became a director before taking the job at Granada CF. In November 2016, Watford FC was bought by Gino Pozzo who is known as one of the most prominent Italian businessmen in Europe. Watford Football Club is now part of an Italian family with managing director and legal owner having been Italian since 1985. Go to this page for more information.


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