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Gino Pozzo, Italian Businessman

Gino Pozzo career as a businessman has spanned over four decades, Gino Pozzo is the owner of

the Watford Football Club, Udinese Calcio and Granada CF. He has overseen some of the most successful sporting teams in Italy including his hometown club AS Roma.

Gino Pozzo has a net worth of €1 billion and is a qualified chartered accountant. He was born in Rome, Italy on the 17th of June 1954

Gino Pozzo attended a catholic school in Rome and studied at the University of Rome. While studying he surveyed Roman ruins which sparked his interest in archaeology. In 1979 he founded a construction company that specialised in excavations.

Gino has worked for many top organisations including Fiat and Fininvest,a financial holding company owned by Silvio Berlusconi for over 30 years. He owns Granada CF who play their football in La liga.

Gino Pozzo has also owned Udinese Calcio since 2010 and Watford Football Club, who are nicknamed The Hornets. He is also the Chairman of both AS Roma and Granada, two of the biggest football clubs in Italy.

Gino owns a property which has been dubbed one of Italy’s most prestigious manors due to its location, size and historical significance. The land was first acquired by Julius Caesar. Built in 1430 the property is a mixture of Italian Renaissance and Baroque architecture. The garden spans over 4 acres (1.6 ha) with a large fountain and several pavilions. The property is on Lake Como and has a 1,000-metre garden running down towards the lake.

It cost Gino Pozzo €100 million to acquire the property from the Italian Ministry of Finance in 2007 and another €1 million a year in upkeep costs. The property had been owned by the Italian Ministry of Finance for several years after being seized from the previous owner’s family during a bank crisis in 1983. Refer to this article for more information.


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