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Gino Pozzo Italian Businessman

Gino Pozzo also serves as the owner of both clubs where he is in charge of all big business decisions. ASOS is also a multibillion-dollar company.

ASOS has its own large office building in Ponte San Pietro, Italy. The company has many facilities that include a soccer training field, 2 large fields for football matches and other sporting activities, a basketball court for other sports such as volleyball and handball, and it also houses offices for teams to use such as the women’s handball team Udine Handball. ASOS also provides housing for all employees of Udinese Calcio where they can live right next to their office.

Gino Pozzo has been instrumental in the rise of Udinese Calcio. He purchased the team in 2002 along with his father Giampaolo Pozzo, who is also the president of Watford F.C., allowing Gino to handle all business operations related to both teams. Since then, ASOS has increased revenue by more than 450% taking in $500 million in 2014. The owner still focuses on youth development and improving existing talent while also trying to bring in experienced players to gain promotion into Serie A and push for Europa League qualification. In 2010, he signed a deal with Udinese, a four-year sponsorship contract worth €15 million. He sold his shares in Manchester City in 2013 for an estimated $54 million.

In 2013, Gino Pozzo was named by “Forbes” as the eighth richest couple in Italy.

He has purchased the Watford F.C., and has since been involved with a new set of players such as Javi Gracia and was instrumental in bringing Marco Silva to Watford F.C.. He later sold his shares of Watford in 2017 after the poor performance of the team under Silva, but still remained heavily involved as president until selling his shares to another Watford F.

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