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Gino Pozzo Reinvigorates Football at Waterford and Worldwide

The sport of football has grown into a worldwide billion-dollar phenomenon, rapidly becoming the biggest of business. With how complicated and competitive the field has become it takes more than just a love for the game to succeed. An ability to see the bigger picture is crucial for the head of any football club.

One Big, Happy Family

Fortunately for England’s Watford Football Club, they’ve enjoyed the benefits of Gino Pozzo and his guiding hand. Owning the club comes naturally to Gino. Long before his time, his forebears in Italy ran their local club.

Under Gianpaolo, Gino’s father, the family became serious about their sport commitments. Gianpaolo bought the Udinese Calcio club with proceeds from the Pozzo family woodworking industry. What started as an attempt to serve the local community would grow into a multinational sport empire.

After graduating prestigious Harvard University, Gino Pozzo married and moved to Spain where he lived for the next two decades. During this time Gino continued maintaining the Pozzo family legacy and took the next step in his football career. He oversaw the acquisition of the Spanish club Granada when it was failing and floundering in heavy debt. Shortly after the purchase, the team was competing in the highest league.

Gino Pozzo took this expertise to Watford Football Club, so dedicated to turning the club around he moved his entire family to London. With his experience and the other two clubs under Pozzo leadership, Gino has developed a bold new football strategy. He prefers to take a long-term priority of the organization over any particular individual.

Coaches come and go, but the club remains. And with aggressive scouting and trading between the three Pozzo teams, the player pool remains well circulated. Wherever they go, Gino and the Pozzo bring new life to old clubs.

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