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Gino Pozzos Leadership in Watford Football Club

Gino Pozzo’s Leadership in Watford Football Club

Gino Pozzo is the founder of the Watford FC Football Club based in England, one of the most famous clubs on the European sports scene in the present day. Gino Pozzo is well known for his role in taking up football clubs from lower ranks all the way to top-flight leagues in their respective home countries. He was born in Udine, Italy, in a family of football fanatics. Gino’s mother was related to one of the former presidents of the Calcio football club in Udine, a club that the Pozzo family has been constantly loyal to over the years.

Gino Pozzo went to Harvard University at 18 to get his master’s. He then moved to Barcelona, Spain, where he stayed for 2o years with his family. In 2013, he moved back to London with his wife to be more involved with his new football club. The Pozzo family bought a football club called Watford Football Club in 2012 when the Club struggled to get past the fourth division after having been better in the 1980s.

The plan of Gino Pozzo for the Club when he took over was to have lasting development and accomplishment. At the time of purchase, Gino said that the English football club had great potential, and it would be their main mission to make it grow immensely and be better in the future. The purchase of Watford Football Club by the Pozzo’s made the Pozzo family the first to possess up to three football clubs in England, Spain, and Italy.

After four years of Watford Football Club under Gino Pozzo, it managed to move from the fourth division to Premier League. This rise in the Udinese club made him sell most of his Granada Football shares to Jiang Zhang, Link International Sports owner, for €37m in 2016. He did this to get more time to concentrate on Watford Club operations and make it the best. The Club has since performed very well, maintaining a title in Premier League, the top competitive stage in the U.K. Go to this page for more information.


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