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Haroldo Jacobovicz: Bridging Philanthropy and Community Impact Against Cancer

Haroldo Jacobovicz, a tenacious individual driven by an unquenchable work ethic, finds solace in giving back to the global community that has nurtured him. A testament to his altruism stands in the form of his self-built charitable institute, a beacon of change that has radiated transformative effects across countless lives. Through its conduit, Jacobovicz recently joined forces with Mesa Solidária, igniting a movement of compassion by serving nourishment to the populace congregating at PraçaTiradentes.


Woven into his narrative is a collaboration with the Mc DiaFeliz initiative, a conduit that amplifies the impact of consumed food by channeling equivalent value towards institutions championing cancer treatment for young souls. This symphony of goodwill resonated in the form of chocolate popsicles and iconic Big Macs, nourishing not just bodies, but the spirit of hope. The poignant rhythm of this benevolence reverberated in the corridors of Erastinho Hospital, as the matched proceeds found their way to uplift lives.

Mesa Solidária, a collaborative venture propelled by the synergy of entities like the Municipal Secretariat for Social Defense and Traffic, and the Municipal Secretariat for Food and Nutritional Security, has woven a tapestry of significant transformation within its temporal existence. The convergence of diverse forces underpins a movement that stands poised to carve a lasting imprint upon the fabric of lives.

Haroldo Jacobovicz embraces philanthropy as an intrinsic part of his ethos, a commitment that has echoed through the annals of time. A legacy nurtured by his family for over two decades served as the impetus to give birth to his charitable entity in 2021, situated within the embrace of Curitiba. This citadel of compassion radiates its influence by bolstering neighboring charitable institutions, threading a web of support and magnifying collective impact.

Haroldo Jacobovicz’s trajectory—beginning as a civil engineer and metamorphosing into a seasoned businessman emanates from the legacy of hardworking parents who sculpted his character. The confluence of his inherent resilience and acquired knowledge found an expression in his ventures, including the creation of Horizons Telecom. Anchored in his hometown Curitiba, he continues to be a harbinger of change, investing not just in projects, but in the very essence of community transformation.

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