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Hassan Jameel Keeps His Eye On The Future By Working With Women And Entrepreneurs In The Present

As the companies of today look towards the future, they wonder how they can be better prepared for what’s coming. Since innovation is at the core of any solid business strategy, companies continue to strive to be a leader in their respective fields by staying ahead of the curve. One business leader who has done this very well as an innovator is Hassan Jameel. He has created countless advanced solutions to address many of today’s problems as well as the potential problems of the future.

One of the ways Hassan Jameel is addressing the current needs of the world is by focusing on the empowerment of women. He knows that Saudi Arabia needs to change and that supporting women as active members of society will help usher in this change. During the last few years, he has supported over 1,000 women by working with an arts and crafts academy. The academy trains women to create handcrafted products that are valuable in today’s world in Saudi Arabia.

Hassan Jameel has also been focused on creating new jobs for people in Saudi Arabia. He has done some of his best work through Bab Rizq Jameel and plans on continuing to do even more to help people in need. During the early 2000s, he helped to create jobs by offering training as well as microfinancing. In current times, he is focusing on helping companies to localize jobs, which has created opportunities for thousands of people.

Hassan Jameel recently made history by working to launch a startup competition in Saudi Arabia. This competition helps startups to get a leg up by granting them opportunities to advance their business ideas through Community Jameel. One of the best qualities that Mr. Jameel brings into the world is his awareness that more work needs to be done to help future generations. More information: