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How Mirabaud Makes Supporting Art Sustainable

Mirabaud is a Swiss-based family foundation supporting contemporary art by providing grants and scholarships for artists, collectors, organizations, and communities.

Their grant program focuses on creation and production work, and their scholarship program offers financial support for those pursuing an art-related education. In both cases, the Foundation intends to alleviate some of what can be seen as an artist’s more basic economic necessities to free up time to pursue their practice.

Mirabaud has significant experience working with artists, collectors, and organizations in Switzerland and a growing network of relationships worldwide. They focus on assisting artists in developing new work or production and creating a platform for those independent of institutions. In the early years, they focused on supporting visual art through scholarships, grants, and partial funding for exhibitions; as their portfolio has grown in size and scope to include international artists, works of sculpture pop up in the program alongside painting, photography, and new media.

The bank has a history of supporting new and emerging artists and mid-career artists who are on the cusp of making an important breakthrough. Mirabaud’s Fellowship Program offers funds, and the recipients can use their funding to produce new work and develop existing projects. The Fellows’ projects will be presented throughout Switzerland and internationally, focusing on art centers and alternative spaces like galleries and independent museums. In addition to funding, the program provides Fellows access to an extensive network of collaborators in Switzerland, including artists’ foundations, non-profit institutions, and cultural organizations.

The Foundation’s philosophy is that art has the power to initiate social change. They also believe the world needs more activists, artists, and supporters of works of art than there are today. This is one of the reasons they established their scholarship program. A Mirabaud Grant aims to significantly contribute to developing individual artistic voices while using its resources to help young talent within a specific context or region. Click here for more.


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