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How Sustainability Increases Business Value

Sustainability is an important issue for businesses today, especially in the face of climate change and environmental destruction. One example of a business embracing sustainability practices is Keter, a resin-based home and garden product manufacturer. This blog post will discuss how implementing sustainable practices can help increase your business value.

Keter Artisan 11x7 Pent Tongue & groove Grey Plastic Shed with floor | DIY at B&Q

The Benefits of Sustainability for Your Business

Sustainability can be beneficial to businesses in many ways. For one thing, it helps reduce waste and conserve resources, which can lead to cost savings over time. It also helps create a positive reputation among customers, as people are increasingly concerned about the environment and want to support companies that care about it too. Additionally, sustainability initiatives can improve employee morale and engagement by creating a sense of purpose in the workplace.

Keter Artisan 11' x 7' Customizable Backyard Storage Shed

Keter’s Commitment to Sustainability

Keter has committed to using environmentally friendly materials in its products wherever possible. This is evident in their choice of resin-based plastic materials for many items ranging from outdoor furniture sets to storage solutions like sheds and deck boxes. Resin-based plastics are highly durable and require minimal maintenance while still being easier on the environment than traditional wood or metal options due to their recyclability.

Sustainability initiatives are becoming increasingly important for businesses today, both from an ethical standpoint and an economic one. Companies like Keter have taken advantage of this trend by focusing on creating durable products made from sustainable materials like resin-based plastics that have less of an impact on the environment while still providing customers with attractive solutions that last longer than traditional options. Refer to this page for additional information.