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IM Academy: A Digital Forex Online Academy

IM Academy was founded by Forex experts Christopher Terry and Isis De La Torre and independent entrepreneurs. It was founded in 2003 as a small start-up. The academy’s headquarters are located in New York. The academy is a registered corporation.

The main aim was to provide interactive training for Forex enthusiasts to enable people to develop skills and apply them for personal trading. The vision of the academy was to provide an online Forex Trading education through subscription. IM academy has grown over the years with thousands of subscribers who have greatly benefitted from the academy’s products and services.

IM Academy incorporates subsidiary entities in its international markets by registering legal entities in various places with regulatory requirements. Also, the academy’s structure incorporates entities in areas with tax advantages or areas with high chances of risk hence encouraging risk management.

The academy has made a tremendous step in maintaining a remote working model for its employees. The remote working model has saved money on office space and other expenses. The company has hired quality personnel without being hindered by the location of the personnel and hence providing quality education. Due to this corporate model, IM academy has operated efficiently and reliably without being hindered by natural pandemics like the Covid 19 pandemic.

The academy products are mainly learning modules(academies). The learning modules have four training programs. The modules are accessible through referrals or the academy website. The video module consists of interactive GoLive sessions, which allow the students to apply the concepts in their daily trading. The videos provide the students with relevant concepts and trading methods. In these live sessions, the students can work directly with IM Educators. The sessions are offered in various languages and on various days. The sessions are also offered at different times to accommodate various students from different time zones. The learning module also contain a quiz at the end to test the student’s level of understanding. Visit this page for more information.


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