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IM Academy: An Online Opportunity for Learning Forex Skills

Christopher Terry and Isis De La Torre, experts in foregin exchange (Forex) trading, developed IM Academy in 2013. This online, digital product teaches people Forex trading skills, with the use of interactive content and pre-recorded and app based information. Currently the academy has over 225,000 global subscribers that are accessing this interactive training to apply to their own trading. The company’s online and remote work model has given them the opportunity to use resources wisely, saving money on office space, and investing money into exceptional globally located personnel, as well as to operate without interruption from events such as the COVID-19 pandemic. IM sells their products and services as a multi-level marketing network with independent sales agents or sales teams with downlines.

IM Academy offers four training programs, called Academies, to their customers. The  FRX Academy teaches about foreign currency exchange, including basics such as, the history of Forex, buying and selling, and trends and risk management. HFX (High Frequency Exchange) Academy teaches about analysis, strategies, leverage, and more. The DCX (Digital Currency Exchange) academy teaches students the basics of trading in regards to digital currencies, and all of the logistics involved with this exchange process. The ECX (E-Commerce Exchange) academy teaches students how to create and operate an online business, with lessons about selling online, marketplace options, business setup, processing payments, marketing, and how to provide effective customer service.

IM Academy offers the following Business, Social, Personal and Communication courses. Each of these four Academies include informational videos, and offer an unlimited amount of interactive sessions with a professional to practice and apply what they have learned. The interactive goLive sessions are key to the hands-on learning process for students, allowing them to work with educators. IM offers these sessions in 13 languages, and at times to accommodate differing time zones. After the session, students must pass a quiz in order to move onto the next part of the program. IM Academy offers a discount bundle package, and for students wanting to learn more to supplement their learning, add-on programs are also available.

IM Academy’s online business model allows both employees and students to have flexibility and opportunity to grow businesses all over the world. Their supportive teams and interactive lessons provide students with the essential skills needed for foreign exchange all from the comfort of their homes. Click here for more information.


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