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IM Academy: Digital forex education online

IM Academy is a wide-ranging, multi-faceted education platform that allows students to learn about forex trading from anywhere in the world. Students can learn how to trade through interactive courses delivered via the internet and mobile devices. The well-structured curriculum and comprehensive course materials are designed to provide you with everything you need— so you’re free to take your time and find your learning style.

IM Academy offers personal support by phone or email for any questions. The support staff is dedicated to your success and will help you achieve your goals – whatever they may be.

; each academy follows the same format: introduction, main sections, and final section. There are four Academies on the platform:

  1. FRX Academy

This academy is for complete beginners who are new to forex trading. It teaches students the basics of forex trading through video modules and GoLive sessions, which tend to be interactive, presentations, and course notes.

  1. HFX Academy

This academy is for experienced traders looking to sharpen their skills through the high-frequency exchange. It teaches students strategies, margin and leverage, spread, different types of orders, and how to analyze the market.

  1. DCX Academy

IM Academy teaches students about digital currency trading. It covers all aspects of digital currency, including general information, the purpose, definition, benefits it offers, and how digital currencies are used. Students can also learn about the digital currency market: types of digital currency exchanges (arbitrage, retail), digital currencies’ volatility, news, and more.

  1. ECX Academy

This academy is for active traders who are interested in online business. This academy focuses on e-commerce and teaches students everything they need to know about online business. You will learn how to launch your own online business, market it through social media, choose the right products and services, etc.

Elite Academy

The Elite Academy is a bundle offer that includes all four basic academies. It allows you to save money on the initial subscription (54%) and each monthly subscription (48%) while still being able to use each academy individually.  For more information, click .

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