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IM Academy

IM Academy is a social media marketing website created by an online entrepreneur with a vision to help people master the art of great marketing. IM Academy does this by educating and empowering the marketer’s community to learn about and use specific tools for various popular platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube & Bloggers.” (IM) (Academy) teaches you how you can use social media as a tool for your business or start your brand in this crowded marketplace.

IM Academy offers four primary learning modules: FRX, ECX, HFX, and DCX. The modules are available from the institution’s website and consist of several tutorials and interactive sessions with the academy’s instructors.

  1. Services

Academy’s core is to help marketers advance their business in the competitive marketplace. One way to do that is to provide educational resources which will help you to build your social media presence and develop a network that can be used to expand your products and services. Academy has various resources to help with your business, including ebooks, webinars, social media courses, events, and more.

  1. Products

IM Academy also has products you can use to help advance your business. It recently released a product called the Power Suite, an ebook and social media course that goes over the basics of the primary tools used in social media marketing while giving specific, actionable plans helping to develop your brand further.

  1. Awards

IM Academy is known for its awards programs in social media marketing, helping to recognize and award those excelling in the field. Some of these include Social Media Marketer of the Year, Best Small Business Blogger, Social Genius Award, and more. The Academy believes that social media is the new marketing marketplace and is where anyone can build their brand, have a voice, and be recognized for excellence. They help to provide the tools you need to reach those goals while also helping you learn by sharing knowledge through articles, webinars, social media courses, and more.

IM Academy is a social media marketing website that provides assistance and information to help people learn how to use and apply social media as a tool in their business. Doing so will help build your brand, create a following, and generate revenue while attracting like-minded individuals who can support you. It has been recognized for its approach to social media marketing, helping people develop their skills, share knowledge and advance their businesses through these channels. Refer to this page for more information.

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