Diogo Corona, Entrepreneurship

“Inside the Mind of Diogo Corona: An Executive’s Routine for Success”

For Diogo Corona, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Smart Fit and CEO of TotalPass, success is built on a foundation of routine and dedication. As an accomplished business leader, Diogo believes that consistency and structure are key to staying productive and focused in a demanding corporate environment.


Diogo’s journey began at São Paulo’s Insper Institute of Education and Research, where he joined Smart Fit as an administrative intern while studying business administration. His passion for fitness and finance led him to hold various positions within the company, from expansion analyst to executive director.

At the helm of Smart Fit as COO since 2016, Diogo’s responsibilities encompass multiple countries, including Brazil, Chile, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, and Peru. Leading the expansion efforts and financial planning, Diogo has played a pivotal role in Smart Fit’s growth and success.

A typical day in Diogo’s life is structured and focused on efficiency. He starts his day early with a quick and effective workout at Smart Fit’s studios. This practice not only keeps him physically fit but also sharpens his mental focus for the day ahead. Diogo values routine and consistency, wearing the same outfit to work each day, setting clear schedules for meetings, and dedicating specific time for unexpected gatherings.

As an executive, Diogo emphasizes the importance of building high-performing teams. He believes in leading by example, demonstrating dedication and commitment to work. By being fully present and invested in his tasks, Diogo sets the standard for his team members to follow suit. Moreover, he fosters an environment of inclusion and collaboration, where everyone’s ideas are valued and heard.

One of Diogo’s key strategies for growth in the fitness industry is tapping into emerging trends. He has been intrigued by the global phenomenon of weightlifting gaining popularity as a fitness trend. Contrary to the conventional belief that people primarily exercise for mental health, Diogo observes that the desire for strength and aesthetics is a strong motivating factor for many gym-goers.

While leading both Smart Fit and TotalPass, Diogo has learned valuable lessons from failures. One notable experience was investing in a company without a passionate entrepreneur at its core. Since then, Diogo prioritizes partnering with driven individuals who are truly invested in the project’s success.

Diogo Corona’s dedication, routine, and innovative mindset continue to be the driving force behind Smart Fit and TotalPass’s success in Latin America’s fitness landscape.