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Launch House Venture Arm

Launch House, founded by Jacob Peters, Michael Houck, and Brett Goldstein, is a private membership community. Launch House fosters connections and provides resources for successful business owners. It announced the launch of its venture arm, House Capital, and a $10 million debut fund to promote new business ventures.

Fund investments prioritize House Capital members and other startups and high-growth businesses. Since most of the fund’s profits will be reinvested into Debut House, the House Capital launch will provide additional support to Launch House in the form of a flywheel. With this influx of cash, House Capital can improve the quality of its offerings to members.

House Capital has previously partnered with prominent lead investors, including a16z, Sequoia, and Y Combinator. If the Capital backs a business, its founders will become permanent members of the House society and have access to all of its services, including help with fundraising, participation in virtual cohorts, and invitations to exclusive in-person residency and retreats in exotic locations.

Several firms, such as Ghost Financial, Coinbooks, Anja Health, and others, have received Pre-Seed and Seed funding from the company since its founding in January 2022. Several businesses in the House Capital inventory have raised follow-on capital at greater values after a few weeks, showing the significance of the House Capital and Launch House partnerships as a generator of lucrative deal flow.

Many different types of people from the technology and entertainment industries make up the special partners of House Capital. YouTube, Riot Games creators, and Polygon Studios’ top brass are among the company’s limited partners (LPs). Sriram Krishnan, Andrew Chen, and Rick Yang from NEA are just a few of the general partners from other funds who are LPs at the company. Elon Musk, Peter Hollens, and the rest of the creative crew round out the cast.

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