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Launch House

Launch House is a new business startup that offers young entrepreneurs inexpensive, high-quality office space in the heart of Toronto’s financial district. The company has been generating lots of buzzes since it opened its doors earlier this year, and we wanted to know more about what they do.

So we spent some time with co-founders Natalia Gadiya and Isaac Reichert to get the low-down on how Launch House works, what it’s like to rent an office from the business, what it’s like to work there, and how Launch House is different from other spaces in the city.


The most obvious benefit of working in Itis that it’s a very new, excellent space, open for less than two months. The other significant advantage is the cost. To rent an office from it, you pay a fee of $800 per month for the first 12 months, and then the price goes down to $500 per month.

It is located at 108 Yonge Street, inside the former Intercontinental Bank of Montreal building. It opened in May this year and is fully equipped with high-speed internet and conference rooms. It can host medium-sized meetings or individual consultations (for up to 4 people), as well as small-group coordination. The ceiling is high – 10 feet – so it feels like a loft or loft-like space. The floors are made of relatively cheap laminate wood, but it’s very clear and doesn’t look like it would get damaged easily.

One unique thing about Launch House is that it’s also fully equipped with kitchen, including a dishwasher and a microwave and refrigerator. The House also has a common area with couches, tables, comfy chairs and other furniture that can be used for meetings or just hanging out. You also have access to common area laundry facilities and bathrooms that have been recently renovated with new fixtures. See this page on CrunchBase, for additional information.


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