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Leadership Strategies of Bernard Acoca: How He Transformed Zaxby’s Into a Global Brand

Bernard Acoca is an exemplary leader who has achieved remarkable success in the restaurant industry. He took Zaxby’s, a small regional chain, and transformed it into a global brand with a presence in 21 countries. His success is due in part to his forward-thinking leadership strategies. Acoca emphasizes the importance of innovation, collaboration, and communication, and he understands the value of setting a clear vision and creating a culture of success. He has implemented various strategies that have allowed Zaxby’s to flourish and become a global phenomenon. By examining Acoca’s leadership strategies, we can learn how he has made Zaxby’s in the capacity of Zaxby’s CEO a successful global brand.

What is Bernard Acoca’s Leadership Style?

During his many years as a successful Zaxby’s CEO, Bernard Acoca has developed a leadership style that has successfully transformed Zaxby’s into a global brand. He focuses on communicating well, setting a clear vision, and fostering innovation.

First, as a great communicator, Acoca focuses on sharing meaningful information with his team members so that they are informed and understand the company’s goals and direction. Additionally, he encourages open dialogue among his team members so that they feel comfortable speaking up and offering their opinion. Acoca believes that keeping communication open and transparent helps his team members understand the big picture. This way, they can see the end goal and know how their role fits into the big picture.

How Does Acoca Foster Innovation?

Acoca believes that to be successful, it is essential to foster innovation. When he first acquired Zaxby’s in 2003, Acoca realized that the small chain needed to do something different to stand out in a crowded industry. He devised a plan to develop the brand into a significant player. Acoca was aware that the core of Zaxby’s was its food, so he decided to market the brand on the quality of its ingredients. With this in mind, he created the slogan, “Good Food, Good People.” He also created a mascot, Zax, a cartoon chicken-wearing overall. These two things became the face of Zaxby’s Chicken.

Bernard Acoca also made it a priority to expand the chain’s presence outside of its Southern U.S. base. He opened the first international Zaxby’s franchise in Panama City, Panama, in 2012, and the chain has since expanded to 21 countries. These marketing strategies have established Zaxby’s as a unique brand that stands out from its competitors. Zaxby’s has become successful and a global phenomenon because of its focus on innovation. Visit this page for related information.


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