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 Mahmoud Khattab's Latest Success Story: How He Turned His Life Around

Mahmoud Khattab was born in Syria and moved to the United States as a young man around 20 years ago. Like many immigrants, he struggled to find his place in this new country. He found jobs as a fast-food cook and delivery man before ending up at a gas station with little opportunity for advancement. At that point, he also got into trouble with the law after being arrested for driving under the influence. In an interview with Cosmopolitan, Mr Khattab explained that things got so bad at one point that he nearly checked himself into prison: “I was working crappy jobs, going to traffic school every week, and I couldn’t even afford an apartment. I almost signed myself into prison because of my fines!” That all changed when he met his future wife and started thinking about his future again instead of just trying to survive day-to-day. Nowadays, it’s safe to say that Mr Khattab has found success again; not only is he married, but he has also been able to turn his life around completely. Today, he runs a successful real estate business in Virginia, and we’re here today to learn more about how he managed this amazing turnaround.

How He Turned His Life Around

Khattab grew up in Syria and didn’t leave until he was 20. When he arrived in the U.S., he struggled to find work, was homeless, and even tried to kill himself. “I remember witnessing the Golden Gate Bridge, and I thought, ‘Oh man, this is great,'” he says. “But then I got here and was confused, like, ‘What do I do now?’ I couldn’t find a job because I didn’t speak English. I went to night school for about three years, and I finally got a job as a cashier at Kentucky Fried Chicken.” This is a common story for many immigrants. Many struggles with language barriers, cultural differences, and sometimes with finding the resources they need to succeed. Khattab, who now runs his own real estate company in Virginia, found success after meeting his now-wife. “I met my wife, and I was like, ‘I don’t want to be a delivery man all my life,'” he says. “I wanted to find something better to provide for my family.”

Becoming A Real Estate Agent

Khattab began his real estate career as a broker’s assistant. He learned the business from top to bottom, from finding the listings to scheduling the showings and working with the clients. “You have to know everything and be able to do everything,” he says. “You must know what the electrician needs, what the plumber needs, what the appraiser needs. You have to know everything to be done for the transaction to happen and have that information in your head.” Khattab learned the ins and outs of real estate and then became a full-time licensed agent. He was able to hone his skills and master the business by working with new clients. He often worked with people who had bad experiences with real estate agents in the past and would try to show them that there are great agents out there who do their jobs well. More information on Crunchbase

Finding Success In Real Estate

Khattab didn’t find success until he shifted his focus from the transactional side of real estate—the actual buying and selling—to building a relationship with his clients. “I had to remember that it’s not just about the transaction; it’s about the relationship,” he says. “I had to remember that I’m dealing with people and that not everyone is going to be on time for the closing.” Khattab also had to learn to build trust with his clients and gain their confidence so they would want to work with him again and refer their friends to him. “You must remember that you’re not just working for one person,” he says. “You’re working for a group of people who have a very important decision to make.” Khattab found success by remembering that real estate is a business of relationships. “You have to remember that the people you’re working with are people,” he says. “You must build trust with them and show that you’re there for them and that you’re not just trying to make a dollar off them.”

Advice For Others Looking To Turn Their Life Around

The first thing Khattab says anyone looking to turn their life around should do is to ask for help. “You should ask for help,” he says. “You always feel like you have to do it yourself.” People often feel they have to prove that they can do everything on their own and that asking for help is a sign of weakness. This is not true, though; in fact, asking for help can be a sign of strength. Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses, so finding the right help for each person can make all the difference. Khattab also recommends setting goals and following through on them. He says that many people have good intentions but then don’t follow through on them. S


When Khattab was young, he dreamed of coming to America to start a better life. When he arrived, he discovered that the path wouldn’t be easy. He found himself working in low-paying jobs and struggling to make ends meet. Khattab did not give up, though, and was determined to turn his life around. He went to school and learned English, worked hard, and built relationships with his clients. Through these efforts, he has been able to turn his life around and build a successful real estate career.