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Margie Hauser Talks NARAS and GRAMMY Awards

NARAS was founded in 1957 by a group of music producers and artists. The organization provides members with opportunities to collaborate and share their work while promoting music’s value in society.

In this article, veteran Margie Hauser discusses how she became involved with NARAS and her perspective on the GRAMMY Awards, which are awards given to those who demonstrate artistic and technical excellence in the audio recording industry.

NARAS is an organization formed by music producers and artists who wanted to provide their members with opportunities to collaborate, promote the value of music in society, and provide educational opportunities. NARAS initially provided members with opportunities to collaborate and professional development classes. NARAS created the Grammy Awards.

The GRAMMY Awards were created to honor creative achievement in music throughout the year and became known as the “music business‘ highest honors.” Each year, The Recording Academy (a division of NARAS) evaluates nominees for the awards. The nominees are chosen based on their artistic achievements and technical contributions to the recorded music industry.

Margie Hauser emphasizes that NARAS has had many transitions and has tried to include new technologies, such as online submissions. The organization’s mission is to promote music’s value in society and its members’ achievements. She also emphasizes that NARAS has many other smaller organizations, such as the Performing Rights Society (PRS).

Margie Hauser mentions that although the popularity of digital music is becoming more prominent, she still sees an increasing demand for CDs. While some musicians prefer to make CDs, not iTunes downloads, she notes that this trend has continued for several years.

Margie Hauser sees NARAS as a great advocate for the music industry and its members. She believes that the future of NARAS will be even more promising after the transition of Michael Greene to new leadership. She thinks this will allow them to “take the next step in making sure they stay on top.”