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Mark Hauser a private equity investor.

Mark Hauser is a professor of psychology at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

In 2011, he moved to Alaska after leaving his previous living and teaching position in Australia because he felt the American institution was too far-right. He is a self-described progressive Republican. He says that his journey to becoming more conservative was sparked by studying what happened when liberal democracies became too successful and learning about North Korea, which seemed unendingly tyrannical on paper. His decision to leave his job as an academic social psychologist did not go unnoticed by colleagues who accused him of abandoning science for ideology. Hauser told me that his departure from the University of Adelaide was not an ideological battle but rather a more personal decision. He said that he is “a big fan of science and research” and it is “my life’s work.” Hauser said he chose to leave the university because he had been unhappy for a long time and it was “time to move on.”

Hauser has written a number of books on psychology with libertarian themes. His most well-known book, “The Science of Liberty,” is considered one of the five best non-fiction books by Ludwig von Mises Institute president Jeffrey Tucker, and is written in favor of freedom and minimal government regulation. He runs, where he lectures on psychology and libertarianism.

Mark Hauser a private equity investor, and American financial service businessman. He was the former investor and entrepreneur of United States, best known as Founder, Chairman and CEO of Arbor Financial Group LLC and also as Owner, Chairman and CEO of Arbor Holdings LLC in Florida.

Mark Hauser completed his education from University of Toronto in Canada, where he earned his Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in 1971. Later, he acquired Master of Arts (MA) degree from the same university in 1973. He started his career as a Private Equity Investor in the year 1978 at Bain Capital Inc., Boston(BCI). While at BCI, he served as the Manager for Global Private Equity Investments from 1998 to 1999.