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Mark Hauser Leads Investment in Eye Care

The investment specialist, Mark Hauser has scored another win for investors in his funds. The Hauser Private Equity group is based in Cincinnati, Ohio, and has offices in Los Angeles. Among the investments made under the leadership of Mark Hauser and Paul Swanson was the 2018 decision to help grow the Cincinnatti Eye Institute. Hauser Private Equity coordinated the development of the Cincinnati Eye Institute with Denver’s Revelstoke Capital Partners.

Mark Hauser led investors in Hauser Private Equity Core Fund III to grow and develop the work of the Cincinnati Eye Institute. Under the leadership of Mark Hauser, the Cincinnatti Eye Institute’s growth was secured. The company created the CEI Vision Partners organization which has led to a period of sustained organic growth. The CEI Vision Partners group has grown to include 150 doctors under agreements to expand the work of the eye care sector.

The latest development for the CEI Vision Partners Group is its acquisition by the nation’s largest eye care provider. Merging CEI Vision Partners with EyeCare Partners will help grow both groups in their marketplaces. Together, the two companies have a combined 280 ophthalmologists and 700 optometrists. A total of 5,000 clinical staff and 1,200 support team members will staff the locations offered by EyeCare Partners and CEI Vision Partners.

EyeCare Partners’ acquisition of CEI Vision Partners is the latest success for Mark Hauser and his investors. The company works in the low to middle markets to source companies underperforming in their sectors. The investment in the Cincinnatti Eye Institute and the development of CEI Vision Partners show the abilities of Hauser and his team.

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