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Mark Hauser's Views on Private Equity Transactions

Mark Hauser plays a pivotal role at Hauser Private Equity as a co-managing partner. Mr. Hauser highlighted some things to facilitate private equity transactions, among others to soar the company to greater heights. Hauser Private Equity is among the firms that deal with several investment entities, among other objectives.

Besides, this firm has perfected the art of carving its corner of investment by purchasing an entire company instead of buying individual stocks.

Notably, Hauser Private Equity has been keen on settling deals ranging from 50 million to about 1 billion US Dollars. Mr. Hauser notes that the company is focused on growth by leveraging major buyouts through its successful business model. However, in the spirit of growing this model, the company has focused more on investments and better management and strategies.

Besides leveraging on buyouts, Private Equity firm focuses on ensuring they grow their investment through returns on each investment. However, to achieve this growth, the company must select an ideal investment target. According to Mark Hauser, Private equity uses a three-tire method to ensure that they get access to their potential investment targets.

Since private equity firms are keen on ensuring they get the best investments, making the right decision is paramount. The firm ensures they take time to learn more about the target company in every aspect. According to Mark Hauser, private equity ensures that due diligence is done before bidding. Since transparency is critical, the firm must disclose in-depth operations and financial details to its remaining investors.

Nonetheless, the firm has invested in various forms of due diligence in three key areas. Financial and legal due diligence is among the critical areas the firm checks on to ensure they get the best results. Besides, private equity considers Due Commercial Diligence, which focuses on an industry’s trend and market position.