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Marwan Kheireddine Recap

Marwan Kheireddine is the Chairman and General Manager of the Resource Bank Group, representing 86 diversified financing, leasing, and advisory companies in 32 countries. Mr. Kheireddine has been recognized by business leaders and institutions worldwide as an expert on all things “business.” A graduate of Cornell University with a degree in Economics, he is also the author of the book: “From Arab to Western Business Methods: The Unusual Paths of Successful Entrepreneurs.”

What makes this man so successful? He has a winning formula for success that can be applied to anything you want to conquer. Here are his five main traits:

1.Marwan Kheireddine is an excellent communicator – he captured the hearts of his audience and conveyed his message to them clearly and concisely. I was impressed by how well-spoken he was, whether he shared a joke or discussed banking history. It’s all in your presentation skills and making sure you connect with your audience personally.

  1. A real Gentleman – he made everyone feel at home, always putting others before himself… one trait many lack these days. His impeccable manners and genuine concern for the comfort of others made me respect him even more as an individual, someone who takes pride in their words and actions.
  2. Determined to succeed – no matter what obstacle you encounter- personal or professional- you can’t give up. If you want to change the world, think positively and do whatever it takes; take one step at a time, and you’ll get there. We asked him how he achieved so many accomplishments quickly, and he told us, “it all stemmed from positive thinking and knowing that I could do it.” Never underestimate your potential.
  3. He constantly learns and doesn’t see his success as enough. Instead, he wants to experience more by developing himself every day.

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