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Matthew Mansell Created ATHLO By Turning His Passion For Physical Fitness Into A Revolutionary Business



Athlo is a sharing economy fitness program that gives gyms, clients, and fitness club members an online experience to trade exercise programs and subscriptions. Users of the app can recover some of the money they spent on their exercise endeavors.

Some business owners start companies because they believe there is a market waiting to be served. Others combine their business experiences with their passion to produce something that is genuinely one-of-a-kind. Matthew Mansell is the one with strategic timing.

Mansell’s background in athletics and his lifelong pursuit of an active lifestyle give the business a very personal touch. In fact, the concept alone has the ability of making it the next fitness unicorn. Mansell spent several years as a professional rugby player. His experiences in both sports and the business sector influenced the development of the app.

Matthew Mansell spent two years as a member of an English rugby academy before recognizing that he probably wasn’t as talented as he had believed. Mansell received a contract offer to play rugby with the club Auch in France. He thought it was a great opportunity, and the experience was fantastic. But it was when he discovered that a career in professional sports was not in his future.

Matthew Mansell then started on his backup plan, which was to return to the UK and work in financial services for a period. As a result, he concluded that wasn’t his route either. The challenge of developing a product where “every partner ends up winning” is what the business seeks to overcome.

Like Airbnb, Athlo will probably profit from the current economic climate, but its success isn’t necessarily dependent on it. According to Matthew Mansell, co-founder and CEO of the business, “They are your guide to fitness.” See related link for more information.


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