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Matthew Mansell Sees Cooperation Over Competition as Key to Building a Successful Startup


Originally a professional rugby player, Matthew Mansell was drawn to the fitness industry after retiring from the game. A passion for health and fitness led him to Athlo, his fitness app that helps users improve their lifestyle by tracking everything from how much sleep they get to how many calories they consume. The Athlo founder is convinced that any startup should typically adopt a cooperative strategy. The startup should foster an environment where collaboration and cooperation are a way of life. As startups grow, they’re all about teamwork. The key is having employees who care about what they do and are invested in the company.

Building a successful startup requires the cooperation of all employees. The Athlo founder is a firm believer that startups should avoid competition. While it makes sense for gyms to merge with health clubs, folding them into one company was a unique proposition.

Unlike traditional aggregators, Mansell’s app connects to other fitness apps and social networks. This kind of cooperation sounds like a recipe for success. Athlo’s business model is robust and profitable. Matthew Mansell has seen that success through the eyes of a startup and understands that companies that cooperate will succeed, while ones who compete will falter. Matthew Mansell needs to see why all organizations can’t work together to improve consumers’ futures.

Growth Predicted for Global Fitness Industry

The global fitness industry is predicted to exceed $85 billion as of 2022. Many people are becoming more conscious of their health and well-being. This awareness has increased the number of people who want to stay fit. Athlo was launched right after COVID-19 ended, so they are in a good position to form partnerships with brick-and-mortar facilities. The platform is seen as the next fitness unicorn, with many positive reviews already in place. The company has created partnerships and alliances in the fitness sector. It helps gym owners to provide an all-in-one service to their customers. See related link for additional information.


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