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Miki Agrawal’s Philanthropic Acts about the Environment

Miki Agrawal is a Canadian born to an Indian father and a Japanese mother. She grew up in Montreal, where her parents’ background influenced the part of life she chose to venture in. Miki Agrawal views the interaction and merging of her parents as exquisite art, which is beautiful and outstanding.


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Miki Agrawal began her entrepreneurial journey at WILD. WILD is Miki’s first company that sold Pizzas. Miki expanded the company with the help of her friends through a fun and silly packaging method. She bought small brownboxes and asked her friend’s dad, who was a doctor, to help her with fifty free IV bags.

Miki advertised her grand opening for the pizza company through IV bags. She placed postcards inside them, stating that perfect food would be arriving and urging the customers to be patient till then. The words written matched the company’s tagline during the period. The use of IV bags to inform people of the company’s grand opening led to WILD having a food critic article by Florence Fabricant published in the New York Times.

Miki has continued with beautiful antiques to tell a story and market her businesses and new products. Recently she has used the same storytelling style to expand THINX and TUSHY. Miki organized a gathering known as ‘Funeral for the tree,’ held in a church in Washington park. The meeting was to educate the public that there is no sense in cutting down over fifteen million trees to wipe people’s asses.

Miki continued to state that the habit is not logical because plenty of bleach and a lot of water is needed for one tissue of paper. Also, a lot of expenses are incurred with the shipping and packaging. She then advocated for TUSHY, which is easier to use, cost-effective, and requires fewer processes.

Miki Agrawal states that she needs the good press to market her products and companies. Miki highlights that spreading information about the company breaks or builds one’s business. She emphasizes that a good PR and marketing strategy for the business is vital. One needs to use influencers, podcasts, radio, television, and even the traditional press to market the company because the important thing is acquiring the attention of people with enormous audiences.